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her pussy...

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3rd June 2006

please check it out and let me know what you think!
email is jamiesfantasy@gmail.com or girltoknow@hotmail.com
if you need to be comped, let me know

19th May 2006

11:45pm: all of my new pictures
www.exploitingmyself.com is up and running!!!!

11th May 2006

9:17am: The new site
I am working on my own site...it should be up in a few days exploitingmyself.com

26th April 2006

2:45am: find me now
I am mostly tranferred to myspace, working on a new site. Find me on myspace "girlofsubstance" or search for girltoknow@hotmail.com.

6th November 2005

4:47am: can I quit my job and be a porn star yet?
I think that I added everyone that asked. If I missed you by mistake, please let me know. All of the photos are friends only while I catch my breath for a minute. I have started replying to some comments- I really do appriciate the compliments. I need more ideas for pictures. I am afraid that they're going to get repetetive if I dont have some inspiration soon.Hopefully I wont have to take all of the pics myself soon.
It's late,
I need to go...do what I do best :>
Send me your ideas!
more pics soon

much love,


4th November 2005

3:28pm: how I spent my evening

fresh from the shower...

one finger...

two to get the party started...
Current Mood: relaxed
9:20am: I promise!
Hi everybody! So glad that y'all are like what you see thus far. All requests for adds will be honored within the next 24 hours or so and I will add some more pictures. All photo ideas are welcomed with gratitude. I haven't done much personal responding because there are so many more comments than I thought that there would be. I'm not new to being porn-tastic, I'm not new to LJ...but I am new to the combination and my 9-5 life wasn't expecting the response. Thank you, keep it coming (yeah...)

slow deep kisses
and blow jobs
and tickling your clit with my tongue
mmmm...oral sex
and half-baked ice cream

1st November 2005

7:31pm: suggestion box
I need some good ideas for pictures to take tonight
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